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Poetry Course for beginners


COURSE INCLUDES: Intro, Limerick, Sonnet, Epic, Narrative, ballad and Haiku instruction from Andrew Kerr.

Members can use this course to compete in competitions, write for publishing projects and create their own poetry. 

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos


Part 1
1. Intro.mp4
9 mins
2. Sonnet.mp4
9 mins
4. Limerick.mp4
8 mins
5. Haiku.mp4
10 mins
Part 2
10 mins
9 mins
8 mins

The best poetry

Love Pain & Poetry provides course ware to members and non-members on poetry, marketing and design from our talented group of contributors.  


Why do I have to pay for this course?

Members do not pay for this course. You could take this course for 7 dollars a month. Non-members must pay the fee.